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Corona virus America death toll passes 2,000 in a single day

Corona virus America death toll passes 2,000 in a single dayThe United States has become the first country in the world to record more than 2,000coronavirusdeaths in a single day according to numbers compiled by Johns Hopkins University 2108 people died in the last 24 hour period the US has the highest number of cases in the world now it’s just past half a million it is also recorded the second-highest number of deaths over eighteen thousand seven hundred that's just behind Italy New York State alone now has more confirmed cases than any single country in the world well our North America correspondent David Willis has more on what’s been a very difficult 24 hours for the United States the United States has seen the deadliest day of coronavirusattacks so deaths if you like that any country has seen so far more than 2,000 people died of the virus today and that brings the total of deaths here to of nearly 19,000 half million Americans have been infected by the corona virus and the U…

deepens struggle for migrants from Coronavirus

Deepens struggle for migrants from Coronavirus Hundreds of men all standing close together waiting queuing for food there is no concept of social distancing for the sake of their own health behind me as they look away from the queue there are tents clustered all over the sand dunes here and people living right on top of each other profoundly unsanitary situation I'm on a journey through migrant experiences in Calais and in London and for people who were already living on the margins the arrival of the coronavirus has been nothing short of catastrophic there’s hundreds of migrants here in Calais hoping to make it to the UK we filmed here nearly three weeks into the French lockdown and while the French government has started to move some of them to shelter him not all want to go because they're afraid they'll be detained once the crisis is over and any chance of getting to each other at some meeting you wouldn't do this to a dog would you so you're doing it to human…